Speech Chairman

Speech Chairman First of all, thanks to the combined efforts of our team

and our business partners, we have been able to build a modern, high standard company that always strives to reach the highest ratings in the hospitality, banquets and restaurants sectors in Egypt, Thanks to everyone who supported me and helped me achieve this dream. If it were not for the dedication and contribution of everyone, whether through work, ideas or advice, Mardini Foods will not be a reality in one of the most difficult markets. Our goal and purpose at Mardini Company is to satisfy customers at all levels of service provided to them with the highest quality with our commitment to excellence to reach the highest degree of satisfaction, and work hard to earn their trust and maintain good reputation and our high level. Our kitchen, is a love and loyalty card that connects us with our customers so we have relied on searching for the best to make them have the happiest times with us, we are here to serve their tastes. We will thrive to expand our services through deployment to ensure that we reach you wherever you are. We are always looking forward to further success and meeting the challenges of the future and we are confident that our commitment to our principles and values will enable us to overcome any future obstacles and will make us more and more distinguished in our field.

Raad Mardini

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